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When I was working at a festival in 2018, I decided to offer glitter styling to my clients, inspired by the Coachella festival. But when I read an article in the New York Times that plastic glitter was a big environmental problem, I got a bit of a shock! I hadn’t thought before that glitter is made of plastic!

Fortunately, I discovered Bioglitter , which nobody had heard of at the time. Bioglitter is only sold in bulk by the manufacturer, so I had to use all my savings to be able to buy kilos of bioglitter in lots of different colors and sizes. I then sat night after night after my son had gone to bed (because of course I had other work during the day) and mixed and tested until I was satisfied with my glitter mixtures.

The glitter was a super hit at the Stavern Festival and it turned out that many people wanted to buy it home. So then it was to come up with a cool brand name, get a logo made, hire a graphic designer, find suitable packaging and print labels. It just went on and on, because after that I had to have an online store, etc., etc. 

I did all the work myself in the beginning. This business was literally born on my kitchen table, and during busy periods I had to get help from my mother to pack goods in the evenings and at weekends. Glitter Eco Lovers is not just a job for me, it’s a second child.

Still over 99% of today’s glitter is made of plastic, and this fact only makes me even more excited to build Glitter Eco Lovers into an international brand.

Charlotte Bakke, GlitterEcoLovers Founder

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Our GlitterEcoLovers Team


Founder –  creative  director and product developer

Operates the company with a high level of environmental commitment. She has a long track record in merchandising, sales, events and management. She has previously been the owner of a franchise business and ran e-commerce. She has experience from 3 startups and has developed a number of products.


Co-owner – Makeup expert, SoMe and product development

June -21 Tomas Erdis joined the owner side with responsibility for social media. He is also a major contributor with his expertise in cosmetics and trends. Tomas has high expertise as a make-up artist and has a large network within the fashion industry in Norway.

 Malin Lossius

Makeup artist and influencer – SoMe responsible and creator

 Ragnhild Løvvold

Graphic designer – packaging design


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